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Children’s orthodontics at  Kaizen Clinic in Marbella

Children’s orthodontics or interceptive orthodontics aims to guide the growth and/or correct the development of the maxillary bone and the jaw.

The advantages of children’s orthodontics with Kaizen

The Spanish Orthodontic Society recommends the first visit to the dentist at 2 years of age and to the orthodontist at 7 years of age.

When there are skeletal problems, it is better to act during growth to influence the development of the face and improve both the functions of the mouth (chewing, speech, swallowing…) and the development of the middle third of the face (nasal breathing, sinus ventilation…).

Often, the reason for parents’ consultation is to avoid problems in adolescence and adulthood that they have had. Our aim is to redirect facial growth, using the least invasive equipment available, allowing the child to socialise with friends and continue to lead a normal life.


Doing a first phase to manage bone growth improves facial development and the functions of the mouth and nose


Facilitates further treatment


Most treatments last 6 months


Does not affect speech


Very discreet braces


Can participate in class the same as before wearing braces

Frequently Asked Questions about children’s orthodontics

Will braces hurt during treatment?

With orthodontics you may feel pressure on the teeth or in some areas, but it should not hurt, this is a symptom that there is something wrong.

In order to be able to resolve any incident we have an emergency service at weekends and on public holidays where we can attend you and if necessary see you in the surgery.

Will you get sores or rubbing?

Children’s orthodontic appliances are very polished and do not usually cause sores, if you need to wear braces you will be explained how to use wax in case you have any chafing.

Will it be noticeable when you speak?

The braces we use in the surgery do not impede phonation, the patient leaves the surgery speaking perfectly, children adapt very quickly and we do not use braces that prevent them from interacting because we can use others that are more comfortable for them with the same effect.

Can children brush their teeth?

Children should brush their teeth on their own from the age of 3, although they may not do it perfectly, the task of the parents is to establish the habit of brushing, at this age the teeth are generally separate and easy to clean.

As they get older and more teeth appear in the mouth, it is necessary to improve the technique and here the parents have the role of reminding them where they need to improve their brushing (generally in the area between the tooth and the gum), but leaving it up to them to brush themselves to acquire the skill.

When they wear an orthodontic brace, especially if they are on the palate, it is very difficult even for adults to access all the nooks and crannies as they cannot be seen. In these cases we teach parents how to clean the appliance with special brushes that we provide you with at the surgery, always after the child has brushed their teeth as they did before they had the braces.

Will the teeth move after treatment?

The aim of interceptive treatment is not to leave the dentition perfectly aligned but functional. The vast majority of patients who have had treatment as children (when they had adult teeth and milk teeth without exfoliation) require a second phase of treatment in adolescence to adjust the occlusion when all the adult teeth have finished erupting (around the age of 12).

Shall we study your case?

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