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Have you ever looked at that tooth that is out of place and thought… it’s no big deal? Many times we don’t worry if it doesn’t disfigure our smile too much but a small malposition can cause a domino effect that changes not only the way we bite but also the appearance of our face.

Today I present to you the case of a patient whose right upper tusk came out a bit tilted and deviated her bite, but as this happened little by little it didn’t bother her either. When closing the lower teeth, they collided with the tip of this fang and to avoid this, she twisted her jaw to the right, managing to chew on the right side, although on the left side the teeth did not fit together and she could not crush the food properly.

If this position had not been changed over time, the jaw joint on the right side would have become swollen due to compression and over time the condyle bone on that side could shorten, causing a deviation of the entire lower part of the face to the right.

This deviation can also cause head, neck and upper back pain.

By coordinating the shape of the arches and correcting the crossbite of the right canine, he began to chew better and the possibility of degeneration in the right joint was stopped.

Do you want to know if the malposition of your teeth is affecting your bite? Is it happening to your child?

Don’t worry, call us and we will explain if your malocclusion is only affecting you aesthetically or if there is some function of your mouth that is being damaged.