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Invisalign offers different treatment systems depending on their duration and complexity. Which one is right for you?

The Invisalign® Lite option is indicated for simpler and therefore shorter treatments. In fact, the maximum duration is usually between 7 and 8 months. If your teeth are slightly crowded, a little bit separated, a little misaligned or crooked or perhaps you wore braces a few years ago but over time some of them have rotated or moved a little, this treatment may be right for you.

Invisalign® Full, on the other hand, is the complete treatment that most people who consult us need. It solves a wide range of cases that, due to their seriousness, require a considerably longer period of time for complete correction. Generally, from 1 year of treatment, with an average of 18 months of treatment. If your teeth are very crowded, you have severe bite problems – crossbite, overbite, protrusion – or the gap between your teeth is very large, this system is more suitable for you.

The technical differences between the two are:

Invisalign® Lite

  • It is limited to 14 aligners or splints that we will change every fortnight for a maximum of 7 months.
  • It includes the material of a single refinement to finish perfecting movements and touching up some parts.
  • It is indicated to treat simple alterations in the teeth.
  • It is more economical, although I insist that it is not viable in all cases.
  • Technical characteristics (only 1 or 2 of them can be solved with a lite treatment, not all 4 at the same time)
    • Crowding or spacing of less than 4 mm
    • Extrusion or intrusion less than 2 mm
    • Expansion required less than 2 mm per quadrant
    • Rotation to be corrected less than 20

Invisalign® Full

  • The number of aligners or splints is unlimited during the entire treatment. The duration of treatment is also not limited.
  • This treatment option includes the necessary material for up to 3 refinements.
  • Five-year guarantee, i.e. if any teeth move, once the treatment is completed, we will replace the necessary splints at no material cost to you.
  • We can treat most malocclusions or alterations in your teeth.

It is more expensive, although the results are worth it if you want discreet orthodontic treatment and you are a disciplined person.