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Do you think that when you are taller, thinner or smarter your self-esteem will improve? It has been proven that this is not the case. People who have higher self-esteem are the ones who take better care of their health and seek to look better, reflecting what they feel inside. It’s a loop, the better you feel the better you want to look.

Today our patients already have a high self-esteem when they come to the clinic and seek to go further, a smile they can be 100% proud of.

Does orthodontic treatment improve your health? Yes, it makes you be more careful with the hygiene of your mouth and go to your dental check-ups more frequently, which translates into less risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. After orthodontic treatment your teeth will last longer and healthier, that is, you will be able to keep your natural teeth for the rest of your life.

A good smile makeover can improve many things, not only your look in a selfie, but can you imagine being flattered by your beautiful smile? You don’t want to stop smiling! You see life differently and life responds with more smiles.

The effect of a spectacular smile will last for the rest of your life, it would be delightful to be famous for your charming smile, wouldn’t it?

Your smile is the most striking part of your face. Go ahead and take a selfie, do you like your smile now, can it be improved?

Here are some aspects of your smile that can be improved with orthodontic treatment (1):

Kaizen Mejoras con Ortodoncia en Marbella