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Do you want to improve your smile and are you looking for an option that is not visible and does not limit you in your daily life? If you have doubts about how you are going to talk, chew… with braces behind your teeth, I would like to tell you about our experience.

As I told you in another post about invisible aligners or lingual braces, the lingual brackets that we place inside the teeth are custom-made.


This has several advantages:

  1. They have a very low profile, meaning that the space they protrude from the inside of the teeth is much smaller than with other types of lingual brackets or place them on the outside.
  2. Although we use lingual brackets, our aim is still to align your teeth on the outside. A problem arises here, because just as our face is not symmetrical, the teeth on the right and left sides of the same person are not the same. When we use generic lingual brackets we need to add more cement to the base of some teeth so that when we align the arches they look even more even from the outside, which causes even more space between the base of the tooth and the edge of the brackets (i.e. they protrude even more).
  3. With custom-made brackets, the base of the bracket is perfectly adjusted to the teeth, which is why they protrude minimally.
  4. To compensate for the asymmetry of the right and left teeth, orthodontic archwires are built with a robotic arm that makes them to fit your mouth. The alignment of the arches is done with bends in the arch itself and not by adding adhesive blocks.

This means that, although you will notice that you are wearing the appliance on your teeth, they protrude very little and you adapt quickly.

If you would like to come in for a consultation to find out which brace best suits your lifestyle and orthodontic needs, you can make a free appointment on 952 77 77 47 or send us an email to with your telephone number and let us know when it is best for us to call you.